Endless variety is possible, from a simple dramatic silhouette to a hand painted coloured enamel f inish. The choice is yours -  unique and personal designs, wonderful gifts.

You can either specify a design you have seen in our website or exchange ideas for a design you have in mind. We would then send you  a simple sketch of your idea and if you like what you see a design would be finalized and a price quoted.

All weathervanes are prepared with a zinc base coat, for a highly durable black oven baked powder-coated finish. The choice of an additional hand painted enamel finish can bring a large range of colour and further detail to a design if required.

To make enquiries, simply discuss your ideas by email or phone, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimated cost.

Once a commission is confirmed, please allow 28 days for delivery. 


Thank you for visiting our website - we hope you enjoy your visit. 

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